Month: September 2018

Successful Ecommerce is Impossible if You Don’t have a Reliable Infras

Information Technology (IT) and Ecommerce have become vertically integrated arms of one another, and the symbiotic relationship has only grown stronger year over year. The importance of good infrastructure cannot be overstated. It can make or break an online business.

Customers have high expectations of companies that choose to conduct business online. Security is an obvious concern, but people also want to find the product they want or need easily and quickly. In order to meet these expectations, there are many details working in the background to help make the customer experience pleasant, simple, and free from technical obstacles.

If you want an online presence that is effective, beyond using social media like Twitter, you will need a well thought out website that always works. That means the provider hosting your website must be reliable. Before you choose, prioritize what you want in your website. Will it be packed with various features or streamlined? Use those priorities as a guideline when you choose the web hosting service that will provide the backbone of your online infrastructure.

A poor performing website can make a huge difference in how long a visitor stays to read about your business or whether they leave without visiting additional sections. If pages do not load within seconds or if the site is unstable, customers will quickly move on to a better performing site. There are supplemental tools that will reduce or eliminate possible lag time. These are Content Delivery-Networks (CDNs).

CDNs are very simply a group of servers that deliver content to people who are on the internet. The goal is to get that content to the viewer as quickly as possible. In order to do this, CDNs are broken up into Points of Presence (PoPs). That is where the various groups of servers are physically and geographically located. The individual servers in each of these many groups are called edge servers. In essence, this means that CDNs have global reach.

When a request to view content on a website is made by someone interested in a product – be it tires, lipstick, books, or a tablet – that request is sent to the nearest content delivery network. Because the availability of a server is immediate, site speed is enhanced. Therefore, find a reputable, high performing CDN that will help increase your conversion rates. Not only should the CDNoptimize speed, it should be customizable as well. A few of the more popular ones are CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront, and Swarmify.

The freedom of open source software has given developers the opportunity to manipulate and modify code in order to distribute new versions of a program. This means new and more interesting features are created daily. Fortunately, third party services have taken over the responsibility of hosting these different software applications. These services make the software available to users across the internet via cloud computing. Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of its three major categories. The other two are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which provides computing resources, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) which allows third parties to provide hardware and software tools.

All three are delivered over the internet. These three aspects of cloud computing are saving organizations a lot of time and money. Infrastructure is no longer built or held in-house. Companies must ensure that these components of the IT infrastructure are reliable in order to achieve success in ecommerce.