Month: July 2018

Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms

A reliable e-commerce platform is essential for businesses that are into selling products and services online. If you are a start-up involved in selling something on a brick and mortar store, then there is a better chance of growth, provided you can sell your products online too. By selling online, you are connected to a wider audience and your products are available to your customers for 24/7. E-commerce specialists always recommend choosing the best small business enterprise e-commerce solution to launch an online store immediately.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate e-commerce software in the market, there are every chance of getting confused with so many platforms available. Being a small business and a start-up, the problem is more because you have to keep your initial costs low. So how to start picking the right enterprise e-commerce solution?

Below the 5 most popular e-commerce platforms to help you in the selection process:

1. Shopify: Considered to be one of the best e-commerce solutions. It comes with many functionalities to offer for small businesses. The biggest USP is that it is easy to use. You don’t need a strong technical background to use it. You can upload an unlimited number of products and there is easy control of inventory. Nothing much to pay for transaction fees. It is best suited for business owners who simply want to set up its business online without any technical problems. There are many free add-ons too. But the drawback here is that customization capabilities are limited in Shopify.

2. BigCommerce: It is a hosted platform and one of the most popular enterprise e-commerce implementations for small business. It provides for an attractive storefront, has SEO friendly features with properly formatted pages. The URLs are also simple, which make it easier for customers to stumble upon your e-store. The admin dashboard is also easy to use and control the backend operations.

3. Hybris: Though new, it has been designated as the leader in the e-commerce market by Forrester. Hybris platform is most suitable for big businesses but even small businesses can make use of this platform but with the help of hybris partners or hybris offshoring services. Hybris offers an omnichannel shopping experience for customers, which is the USP of this eCommerce platform. E-commerce consultants are in big favor of hybris platform for both small and big businesses, especially the B2B ones.

4. Yahoo store: Though Yahoo is considered as a search engine, but very few know that it has been providing e-commerce solutions to small businesses. In fact, this is one of the most reliable and cheapest options to start an online small business. It provides for a versatile storefront with proper payment and shipping facilities. A basic yahoo store can accommodate almost 50,000 products and so it is very helpful for start-ups and they don’t even need to upgrade even when their business begins to grow.

5. Volusion: This is also an extremely cost-effective e-commerce platform for small business. It is more or less similar to Shopify but cheaper. The only hitch is that there are limited customization options but for a start-up, this is a good platform. It also integrates well with eBay and Amazon, which means that you can run stores on these sites as well for maximum reach.